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Why We Love WordPress

WordPress is the most popular content management system in use today powering millions of websites including 48% of the top 100 Technorati blogs, ranked by  In fact, as of this writing, more than 77 million websites run WordPress.  This incredible number includes some of the top companies and brand names on the internet including TED, NBCSports, GigaOM, UPS, TechCrunch, CNN, and CBS Radio.

So without much further ado, here are some reasons why we love WordPress.


1. WordPress is So Easy To Use

WordPress is so easy to use with its intuitive admin interface. This brings the ability to create a website to the masses regardless of skill level. I think this is the number one reason why we love WordPress so much.  Before content management systems like WordPress existed we had to learn complicated website programming code to create a website. Now anyone who wants to publish can start out with an account at []( or set up their own hosted blog/website using the software at [](  Best of all, no matter which method you use,  WordPress is absolutely free!


2. WordPress Is So Customizable:

There are so many ways to customize our beloved content management system.  There are tons of paid and [free WordPress themes]( galore to help you customize the look of your WordPress site and with over 29,000 plug-ins and counting the functional possibilities seem limitless. With the power of WordPress almost anyone can make unique blogs and websites.


3. WordPress Has Many Great Features

Some of the great features of WordPress include the ability to schedule posts, use short-codes to add more design and function and

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A Checklist For Setting Up WordPress

wordpress check listThere are quite a few administrative things to do when setting up your WordPress blog for the first time. Some of these items may be on your to do list and others may not.  So here is my basic list:

The Basic Security & Back-up:

  • Check to see that “your display as” name on your blog isn’t the same as your WordPress login/username. This is done for security reasons.



  • Upload and active essential plugins including Akismet which usually comes installed with your installation by default.  Yes your blog can receive spam from day one, so to nip it in the bud set up Akismet right away. You don’t want unwelcome links or bots sniffing around on your site.
  •  Set up caching so WordPress loads pages faster.
  •  Setup a backup system for your blog. Again, If you go with my host WP Engine  you wont need a back up system or caching, because they provide back-up and caching for you.


Basic SEO (Most Can Be Found In The Settings/General Tab):

  • Erase or replace the “just another WordPress blog” tagline. That’s unless you want to keep it that way. I’d rather personalize my site with another tagline of my own or just leave it blank.



  • Change your permalinks to “Postname.” Otherwise the URL posted with the default settings will generally be your URL followed by the post number(s). Changing your permalinks to Postname will generally change the end of your post URL to
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