ThesisI’ve been quite interested in the Thesis WordPress theme because it’s one of the most talked about themes out there and for a very good reason.

Why Thesis Is Better

Thesis is one of the best WordPress themes you can have because of the supreme flexibility it offers as well as the SEO advantages.  Just like many before me, I was frustrated with tweaking previously created WordPress themes. Thesis is designed to with airtight code so it loads faster. No matter how you change the look of your website, the underlying primal code remains unchanged and this is quite important from an SEO point of view.

The default Thesis theme will give you a basic working website right out of the box. The settings panel is very detailed with options for changing the fonts, colors, scripts and a large number of other settings. Any changes you want to make are made to only two custom files within the Thesis panel interface, which makes customizing it much easier. A big plus is being able to upload your header and faveicon files directly to the website.

Thesis Options Panel

The Thesis Options Panel

Thesis Unique Hooks Feature

What makes Thesis unique is a system called hooks. Basically it allows you to design your website and put things exactly where you want them. The Thesis website references tell you where these hooks are and several websites out there actually have maps of these hooks as well. You could consider this a precise placement system almost and thats the easy part. Otherwise, knowing a bit of code helps because its codes that you are using with the hooks.

Tons of  Support Resources Are Available

You can get away without knowing any code if you hare happy with the basic look of this wordpress theme. However, if you want a really unique look or if you have grandiose ideas in mine you may have a steep learning curve in getting to know more about HTML, PHP and CSS. There are many solutions to this however which include resources provided by Thesis support that are getting better and better all the time. These include a very active forums group which can help you with your questions, as well as people who can help you code your site for a fee. A growing number of tutorials and resources are also available on the web, and YouTube as well.


Even if you don’t know the coding languages, theres nothing to worry about. You are in good hands with the Thesis community. Thesis may be a bit of harder to use at first, the benefits of fast site loading times, airtight SEO and incredible website design flexibility make it all absolutely worth it.

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  1. VOIP Provider says:

    Thesis wordpress is actually a great tool for me, I am not familiar on any coding languages but having this tool will be easy for me to launch my website. Thanks for posting!


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