Do you find WordPress updates for all your multiple WordPress installs to be a pain? Well I am here to tell you that I am in love with a service called ManageWP . ManageWP enables you to administer and work with all of your WordPress sites at once from a single interface. An update session with each and every one of your WordPress sites can be as much as 40 minutes of your time.

Prior to using this service, I had several under-used blogs collecting dust. I would visit them every once in a while to do mostly major updates then I would forget them for another 4-6 months. Certainly this leaves a lot to risk. A spammer could hack your site and wreck havoc with your blog and even use it as an avenue for spam. Now I feel I have greater control of everything and WordPress updates even the daily ones aren’t such a chore. Pressing one “update all” button updates the plugins and themes for every single WordPress site I own if I choose. I can also update each site selectively or individually as an option.   ManageWP also allows you to :

  • moderate and delete spam comments * Create, post and schedule blog posts
  • Clone and migrate your WordPress sites * Optimize your SEO * Search for and add new plugins to some or all of your domains at once.
  • Check Google Analytics stats for your sites
  • Backup and restore your sites. You can back up  directly to your server or any of the popular 3rd party options including Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive, FTP/SFTP or even email. Scheduling your backups is also available. * Check the security and reputation of your domains
  • Send client reports to people you manage WordPress domains for.

Furthermore, anything that isn’t built into ManageWP’s interface you can do through the native WordPress that it provides. All this comes with amazing 24/7 support and regular email status updates from ManageWP  keep you on top of everything on your dashboard allowing you to get to the business of using your WordPress sites. I feel more informed and in control of my WordPress sites without having to check a bunch of different emails and logging into a bunch of WordPress admin sites.

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