Contact usSetting up a contact form for your wordpress blog is easy. You will want to have one your webpage especially if you are running a business website because it would be a good business practice. Its just good etiquette no matter what kind of website you have to make it possible for people to contact you. A Contact form on your website doesn’t mean having to list your name, address or even your email address. In fact this is one of the worst ways to make yourself accessible to the public. It’s just too easy for crazy people to contact you, not to mention you will be spammed to high heaven. The contact form I’m about to describe will make it easy for people to contact you withouthaving to list your personal contact information. The primary way to do this is with a WordPress plugin. There are a number of plugins out there for this very feature but for simplicity’s sake I will list only two here. One of them is called Si-CAPTHA Anti-Spam . The other plugin is called Fast Secure Contact Form which is the one I use. Steps to Setup Your Contact Form plug in: 1) Basically you install and activate the plugin. 2) Go to the “Contact Form Options” to tinker with your settings preferences. Most of these settings are are pretty straightforward. You have a choice to use one of four different forms. Each has its own options which include features such as enabling the CAPTCHA, enabling a redirect to the home page after the user sends the form, or requiring that people include the contact details, etc.

Code to copy to your contact page form

3) Once you are done with settings, you can simply save them, then note or copy the form code under the usage paragraph on the page. 4) Create a new page named “How To Contact Us” or whatever name you choose. Paste the code you copied off the plug-in settings page into the body of the post. Save the page, then Voila! Your contact page will appear in your blog! I highly recommend that you enable the CAPTCHA function by the way. The CAPTCHA is usually displayed as a distorted image of a word or phrase which you have to re-enter in the box provided. You have probably encountered many of these on the internet already. It is bot proof way to make sure a human is standing at the computer and not a bot. Though I swear CAPTCHAs are even sometimes human proof. Therefore I recommend against setting the difficulty on high, a medium level should be just fine.

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