I was recently introduced to WP Engine after going to WordCamp in NYC and all I have to say is I’ve been in love with it ever since. Here are some of the reasons why:

WP Engine Has Lightning Fast Performance

WP Engine caches everything on your site for you making your WordPress site incredibly fast. You don’t need any caching plugins whatsoever, because WP Engine takes care of all of that for you. Beyond that you can take advantage of their CDN for even extra site responsiveness and speed. Ultimately, WP Engine is scalable and ready for the extra traffic when you are.


Back-up, Security, WordPress Updates: WP Engine Has it All Covered

With WP Engine you don’t have to worry about updating WordPress, they will do it in the background for you. They will also back up your site daily and keep a large number of them by date. Going back to a previous version of your WordPress installation is as easy as choosing the date and clicking the “restore” button.

Most importantly you don’t have to worry about security.  The experts at WP Engine are always monitoring and securing your site in the background.


Staging: Helps You Try Out New Looks, Themes, Design 

Their staging feature allows you to duplicate your site and make design changes so you can easily see what it looks like before you deploy it live.  That’s right you don’t have to try to install wordpress locally on your computer or try to sync it to the latest version of your site before you try new things out. WP Engine has it all figured out for you.

Almost all of your WP Engines options including the staging area are available right in your WordPress Admin portal. This makes most of WP Engine’s features readily accessible and easy to use and in case you are wondering WP Engine works with WordPress multi site.


WordPress Experts At Your Service

Setting up WP Engine with my site WPSparkle.com wasn’t too difficult at all.   WP Engine’s help documentation, forums and set up pages helped me to get there in no time. I was a little stumped along the way  and submitted my question through WP Engine’s customer service portal and was helped promptly and courteously.


Conclusion: WP Engine is Worth it!

If you want a supreme click dedicated wordpress hosting solution handled by WordPress experts then WP Engine is the way to go. The price is affordable and incredibly worth it! To have my WordPress site here and not have to worry about performance, administration and security anymore is a big load off my plate. I can’t wait to move the rest of my sites here.

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